All features in Scarlet doesn't require a jailbreak


Scarlet can be installed many ways either from the official Scarlet computer method, Direct install method, or importing your own certificate for app installs.

Backup/Restore Apps

Scarlet allows you to easily backup and restore your apps.

You have two options the recommended way is "Normal Backup/Restore", but if you have an app that it isn't working on you can do "Stealth Backup/Restore".

Repo System

Scarlet can add jailbroken repos and you can use this to tweak apps or install jailbroken apps to a non-jailbroken format.

You can make your own JSON repos for Scarlet that you can tell what debs or dylibs to inject into the IPA and much more (format).

Manage Conflicts

This can be enabled from the iOS settings app and will list you the features that aren't compatible with the current certificate or mobileprovision, so you have a better understanding of what will not work.


  • Scarlet allows you to import your own deb or dylib using the normal sideload button in Scarlet. You'll then be prompted to choose an IPA to tweak.

  • You may also import jailbroken repos into Scarlet and click on a tweak you would like to inject into an app.

  • You can use the Scarlet "Modify IPA" menu to bulk inject tweaks or bulk remove tweaks from an app.

Manage Certificates

Scarlet gives you full control to view the status of the certificates used in Scarlet and allows you to import your own.

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