These restrictions ONLY apply to free/normal apple accounts

3 App Limit

This limit is imposed by iOS and makes it, so apps installed with a normal apple account to your phone can only have a max of three active apps including the Scarlet app.


Apps will expire 7 days after their registration, the expiration can be viewed in Scarlet by clicking the icon of the app you want to view the expiration for. You'll also see a refresh button to bring back the days to 7 days.

This restriction is imposed by the mobileprovision which is required for app installs, these files are signed by apple with the certificate created with it so the expiration can't be bypassed or modified.


Anisette is a somewhat unknown (specifically how they are generated) cryptography by Apple which is required for a majority of the login process with your account. Currently ScarletCloud uses an anisette server with some built-in techniques to go against the -36607 error.

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